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20+ Years of Experience

With over 2 decades of experience in commercial & residential painting, remodeling, and floorings - we make sure our clients are happy & satisfied with our quality work that comes from years of experience.

Quality Workmanship

GetPro Painting is licensed & insured and has all the credentials that a client with any interior and exterior painting, remodeling, or flooring project needs

Thousands of Projects Completed

We started out painting construction homes for many years, which helped us learn every aspect of painting and remodeling a home which has helped us become the quality painting company we are today.

Competitive Pricing

From the initial proposal process to the completion of the project, you can count on us to provide excellent service leading to the completion of a quality project. We deliver quality service, competitive pricing and get it done in a time efficient manner

Work Completed On Time

We take project completion date very seriously so we take it upon ourselves to go above and beyond to make sure the job is done on time without any corners cut. Just pure quality workmanship plus efficient time management of our workforce.

Great Reputation

GetPro’s mission is to maximize the experience of every customer through communication, professional service and quality workmanship

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GetPro Services is a Trusted Specialist in Interior and Exterior Painting, Concrete Coating, and Polished Concrete

Our core values are to provide customers with the best quality workmanship, communication, and competitive pricing to build long term mutually beneficial relationships to be the trusted company they call when our services are needed.

With the approach of always using integrity, knowledge, professional resources and being focused on delivering high quality services at competitive pricing, that is how our success is achieved. Our focus is on providing clients with the best service starting out with the billing process through the final inspection and billing. We take pride in using respect and hard work ethics to deliver quality workmanship and the great experience on all projects we work on.

With over 20+ years of being a licensed building contractor and being fully insured, we strive to focus on only services and projects that will build long term relationships and further our success in the construction & painting industry.

Why Choose GetPro Services?

Local Experts

Knowing the area is a key factor in order to have the best source of materials or other things that are needed for the job. GetPro Group of Companies has a long standing relationship with the biggest manufacturers in the area allowing us to maximize the possibilities for every single job that we do.

Guaranteed High Quality Work

With over 2 decades of experience in construction work and 3 decades in painting jobs, we have consistently proven that top quality work is the least that we would settle for. We give our 101% for every project that we take on, big or small - we do it all.

Speedy Project Completion

From the start of the planning phase to completing the actual job, we ensure speedy delivery without any delays to avoid unnecessary spending on our client's part. You can always count on us to get the job done on or way before the deadline that we give you.

Respect & Integrity For Every Project

With the main focus of delivering quality workmanship, through communication, organization and meeting the client’s needs of quality and timeline, this makes GetPro a great choice for projects in which our services can be utilized.

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